The photographs in this series are not static snapshots but rather poetic echoes of a city ceaselessly pulsating. The blurred contours and shimmering lights of the metropolis capture not just motion but also the soul of Berlin, immersed in a sea of memories and dreams.
Each image narrates tales of fleeting moments, of encounters in passing, and of the melancholy of what's lost. Long exposure doesn't just reveal the external beauty of the architecture but also the invisible threads weaving the fabric of time.
"In Berlin, I Lost the Time" invites you to seize those fleeting instants lost between seconds and explore the poetry of transience hidden within Berlin's streets. It's a reminder that within every lost moment lies a story waiting to be told by those willing to lose time to find it.
In Berlin, I lost the time
then I waited.
In Berlin, I found the Time
Then I captured it.

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